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Burglar Alarms, Home Security & 12 Months Monitoring At £999

Burglar Alarms, CCTV & Security Systems in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire

999 Protect Scotland is a burglar alarm and security systems supplier based in Glasgow, we have fully approved Alarm & CCTV suppliers and installers making homes and commercial premises more safe and secure all over Scotland. With offices based in the Glasgow city centre, we are well equipped to service the whole country with our large team of security engineers and a wide range of burglar alarms and CCTV systems.

Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire Home Security & Burglar Alarm £999 Package 

999 Protect Scotland have a promotion on just now for new customers offering a complete home security package from £999, the package includes…

Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Burglar Alarms

Security grade 2 award-winning technology

Pyronix Enforcer Two-Way Wireless Keyfob

Quick and easy way to set and disarm your burglar alarm

3 Pyronix Wireless Pet Tolerant Detectors

Advanced technology with extended battery life

1 Year Full 24 Hours Monitoring

Monitoring from an alarm receiving centre for complete peace of mind

Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Burglar Alarms

Security grade 2 award-winning technology

Pyronix Enforcer Two-Way Wireless Keyfob

Quick and easy way to set and disarm your burglar alarm

3 Pyronix Wireless Pet Tolerant Detectors

Advanced technology with extended battery life

1 Year Full 24 Hours Monitoring

Monitoring from an alarm receiving centre for complete peace of mind

All deals are available on buy now pay later and 0% monthly finance plans provided by our parent company Pure Eco Solutions Ltd

We offer a range of security products all of which are supplied and fitted by our approved security system engineers, the most popular products include:


Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems and Intruder Alarms supplied and fitted. Including Enforcer, Chubb & Yale alarms.


Full CCTV installation, maintenance and 24 Hour Monitoring service.

Full installation of alarms, CCTV all with full 24 Hour monitoring service

24 hour monitoring and maintenance to people with existing security systems even if we didn’t install them.

Burglar Alarm Cost In Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire

999 Protect Scotland have a large number of burglar alarms in stock. Due to demand, we have a larger number of wireless alarm systems for homes and small businesses. Our range to buy outright starts at £250 supply only. Although we offer very competitive rates we advise you that buying home security simply on cost is foolish and you should consider what your particular home needs, based on your homes size or other circumstances. If you are looking to effectively protect your home any tendency of “penny-pinching” with the price is a completely false economy.

If you call or mail us today we can arrange an appointment at your home in Scotland. We will give you an accurate quote and explain our 24-hour monitoring service which is available for all alarms and CCTV installed by 999 Protect Scotland and for most other popular security systems. Most of our burglar alarm supply and fits start at approximately £400.

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CCTV Systems Cost In Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire

CCTV Systems and CCTV cameras are the next steps in home & business security other than just having an alarm. In the UK there is a huge range of companies from all different sectors who need CCTV cameras to protect their expensive stock and premises. Glasgow, Edinburgh & Aberdeen and any other Scottish city for that matter are no different, after all, it is said the UK is the most watched country in the world. Our CCTV supply prices start at around £300, for supply and fit prices start at £500, however, we recommend that we monitor it for you as well.


The same message of affordability, but not cheap, is equally important for CCTV systems. There is no point getting CCTV for as low a cost as possible, instead make sure it’s reasonable and that its going to work well and solve your home security needs long term.


House Alarm Systems Companies In Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire

The burglar alarms and home security industry is highly competitive and we recommend that you don’t price shop. Home security is normally purchased for good reasons, so it’s vital to make sure that you keep those reasons front of mind when buying an alarm or CCTV system. That’s not to say 999 Protect Scotland are expensive, we always aim to provide a transparent ballpark price and keep our home security packages easy to understand. What we are trying to get across is that simply buying cheap is foolish. Always make sure the quality of the system, the installation, and the monitoring meets industry standards ensuring you have optimal home security.


Upon visiting your house or business we can give you a tailored quote within 1 visit. We would always recommend getting quotes from a few different alarm companies as we are very confident you will choose 999 Protect Scotland based on our quality and reasonable rates.


Burglar Alarm Installation in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire

Installing an alarm is something that is best left to the professional. The alarm engineers that fit our alarm systems have in-depth technical knowledge of electrics and the alarm technology itself. These days burglar alarms are more advanced, including the likes of wireless and wifi alarm systems, fitting them yourself is not a good idea!


We have a range of alarms that serve well as a deterrent with just the brand name alone such as Yale & Chubb and we supply wireless Enforcer alarms as well as 999 Protect Scotland branded alarms.


Burglar Alarms Supplied and Fitted in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire

999 Protect Scotland has several well known preferred suppliers within the UK home security industry, meaning we can offer burglar alarms, CCTV camera’s and other home security equipment to you on almost any terms. Some customers contact us simply wanting to buy a from us supply only, others have already purchased alarms and CCTV that they want us to install which again we are happy to provide. To get the most from our services, it’s really better that you have consulted with us from the very start when buying home security for the first time or replacing old equipment that was already in place.


From speaking to our customers we have discovered that lots of people thought it would be cheaper to buy the alarm or CCTV system themselves and have someone install it for them. When we worked it out for them they were really surprised to see that more often than not this did not save them money, in some cases it even cost more and in all cases it’s results in more hassle to get adquate home security installed.


999 Protect Scotland will sell alarms and home security equipment, install them and supply and fit the whole system as well as provide 24 hour monitoring and 999 Protect Scotland branded alarms if requested.


Home & Business Security Customer Reviews in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire


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“999 Protect installed all of our security for our Storage Company and continue to monitor it, security is crucial in our industry.” James

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Burglar Alarms, CCTV Camera’s & Home Security Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire coverage area

999 Protect Scotland have been installing the highest standard of home security, CCTV camera’s & Burglar Alarms systems since 2011 and have installed thousands of systems all over Scotland. Most of the security systems we have installed we offer full 24-hour monitoring which we can also offer stand alone if we did not install your system. Our mission is to secure homes all over Scotland, hence our business tagline “Keeping Scotland Safe” and we offer home security in Aberdeen City, Banchory, Banff, Ellon, Fraserburgh, Huntly, Inverurie, Kemnay, Kintore,Macduff, Peterhead, Portlethen Turriff, Stonehaven, Westhill and all the surrounding areas.

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