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Why don’t you have CCTV set up at the moment? Perhaps you don’t know how to set up your own camera and security system? Or your not sure what CCTV systems are most suitable?

Let 999 Protect Scotland give you our expert advice on the most suitable system for your home or business. Choose a CCTV system that is most suitable for your property, and let us install the cameras that will protect you from burglaries, break-ins, and theft.

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CCTV Installers Glasgow & Edinburgh

Over the last decade crime and the requirement for CCTV systems on affluent home, areas has increased in such a rate that insecurity with many people in Glasgow relates to how their valuables are secured. Both residential and commercial properties are not anymore safe.

As a property owner, you can no longer wait for the government to provide security- the criminals keep changing their attack strategies. With the advancement in technology and the increasing affordability of electronic devices like CCTV cameras, a home surveillance system is now a common phenomenon in many homes. It is no longer a preserve of the rich but a necessity for all.

What is a CCTV system?

This is a visual system that is not regulated and has its elements connected directly. The circuit in this system is usually closed and only authorised persons can access it. Compared to most modern security systems, CCTV cameras are endowed with different functionalities and thus more efficient. Thus anyone who cares about their security would consider such a system.

CCTV cost in Glasgow & Edinburgh

If you ask most people who have never considered the CCTV system as a security option, they’ll tell you that it is not affordable. Most modern security systems are indeed quite expensive but surprisingly, a closed system is less expensive and very efficient. With a CCTV surveillance system, you don’t need to hire a guard to man your premises, nope, that need is reduced. All you’ll need is to get a staff that will monitor the system.

CCTV that works

Your word of mouth can no longer be believed in a court of law. Closed-circuit cameras can be presented as evidence in case someone commits a crime within your premises. All the happenings are recorded and when that information is needed, the recordings are played.

CCTV an effective security system

One of the reasons why CCTV cameras’ adoption rate is rising every other time is its effectiveness. Research has shown that these cameras experience less interference compared to ones under surveillance. Humans tend to behave well when they know someone is monitoring them and therefore CCTV cameras have proven to be so effective in deterring criminal activities. Upon seeing the cameras, the criminals would think twice. Therefore, if you want to do away with criminality in and around your home or office, get a professional to install for you a CCTV system.

Ease maintenance and adaptability

Previously, the cameras had limited space where small videos could be stored in a cassette. The new generation cameras are well endowed with a lot of space and therefore a backup of data and videos is done automatically. You can also monitor your business in the comfort of your home through your mobile phone.

Privacy with CCTV cameras

These types of systems come with a sophisticated technology that ensures that they cannot be hacked and only an authorised person can access it. As a business or homeowner, you have complete control over everything. You can also have in place other security systems like an alarm to help you in case there is a need for follow up.

Trust and reliability

Having a CCTV camera system will give you peace of mind and at the same time, it is an assurance to your customers that they are safe and secure while at your business premises.

How would you feel if you went to a shop and found CCTV cameras mounted strategically in the building? You’d even be careful how you walk and conduct yourself. That is how your customers feel when you have such in your business area. 

Avoid cheap CCTV

Have you heard the saying that goes “cheap is expensive”? This is more relevant when it comes to CCTV cameras. Due to the growing demand for such security systems, the competition has gone so high that unscrupulous business people are selling low quality, compromised gadgets. Thus they retail at a low price on the shelves but cannot last. It is always prudent to invest in a quality CCTV camera that will serve you for the longest time. You need a system that can be upgraded later and that demands that you pay a little more. Look for a good dealer who has a name for quality- let them do an assessment for your building and recommend the most suited CCTV camera system for your home.

Get a warranty for your system

Most of the companies that sell unbranded low-quality cameras will give you six months warranty. This is a very short duration for a CCTV surveillance system. A reputable company that sells branded and quality cameras will give you a minimum of 3 years, do a self- installation or get you a professional to do the work for you. A warranty guarantees you that if the systems don’t work as expected, the supplier will do their repairs or even replace them. Without this, you could lose a lot of money. Try and understand the basic capabilities of the camera When choosing the right camera for you, you must consider the lens size, ensure that the angle of degree is wide, and a big memory for data storage. The rule of the thumb here is to know how far in terms of meters the camera

can view objects. For space, you need to ensure the storage facilities have enough space and should allow for external storage devices and network storage for unlimited capacity.

CCTV system installation cost in Glasgow & Edinburgh

Selected the best CCTV camera for your home or office is the best thing you can do. In addition to that, you have to consider the cost of the installation which can be equally expensive. This includes recorders, cables, connectors, and other peripherals. How about the power supply? Is it reliable? When you are purchasing this system, you must ask the experts to help you determine the total cost of installation. This will avoid frustrations while on the ground. When you have made the decision that you want to have CCTV camera surveillance in your home, the next step should always be to seek advice from a CCTV installation professional. This is the person who will help you assess your area and recommend the best type of cameras that will give you quality pictures and give an approximation on the cost.

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We have recently started a new arm of the business where we are taking commisions for bespoke feature walls. Feature walls are totally unique to each client we work with. To start the process we would have a design consultation where we would ask you to bring some ideas, clients typically look on pinterest or instagram for things they do and don’t like. From there we would start to build a brief where we could decide on every single detail. 

The Process

Design consultation 
Pick your materials 
We will show you a range of designs 
Once agreed, we can complete in as little as 2-3 days 

For more information get in touch for a free quote, or to see our portfolio of completed jobs, check out our sister company Feature Wall Scotland


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